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How to export patient demographics from Elation

  1. Under the "Reports" menu in the top bar, choose "Patient list"

  2. Choose patients based on Last Seen (past 18 months)

  3. Click generate list

  4. Click "Download CSV", the exported list will include the following columns:

    1. Patient Name: "First Name, Middle Name, Last Name"

    2. Date of Birth

    3. Gender

    4. SSN

    5. Address information

    6. Phone Numbers

    7. Email

    8. Preferred Pharmacies

    9. Preferred Contact Method

    10. Primary Provider in the practice

    11. Primary and Secondary Insurance Information

    12. Race. Ethnicity, and Language

    13. Any Demographic Notes

    14. Last Appointment

    15. Next Appointment

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  • Jan 25 2021
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