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What do the icons mean in a patient's longitudinal record?

MX Access displays alert icons at the top of a patient’s record if there is crucial information to note, such as abnormal lab results or allergies.

On the Patient Summary page, important alerts will be displayed as icons on the right side of the screen.

You may see one or more of the following icons:

Alias: Indicates that the patient goes by more than one name (e.g., Terry and Theresa).

Allergy: Will be displayed when the patient has one or more recorded allergies.

Other address: Will be displayed when the patient has additional addresses.

Abnormal labs: Will be displayed when the patient has abnormal test results.

Deceased: Will be displayed when the patient is deceased.

Note: You can hover over the icons to see what each one represents.

To see detailed information regarding each alert, click on the icon to display the following pop-up windows:

1. Click on the Alias icon to see a list of the patient’s additional name(s).

2. Click on the Allergy icon to review the patient’s allergies, severity, and reaction.

3. Click on the Other Address icon to see a list of your patient’s addresses.

4. Click on the Abnormal Labs icon to see your patient’s lab results.

Note: To see a quick list of the abnormal result items, hover over the icon.

5. When a patient is deceased, the date of death will be displayed on the screen.

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  • Aug 7 2018
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