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How do I configure a section in MX Access?

MX Access allows the user to configure the size and layout of the patient medical record section to fit the user’s viewing needs and preferences.

Note: The changes you make to the section will ONLY affect your view and will be saved next time you log-in. MX Access does not support modifying viewing preference for more than one user. 

Resizing a Section

To change the size of the section, grab the bottom right-hand corner and drag to enlarge or shrink.


Moving a Section

To move a section around, grab anywhere on the top gray band of the section and drag it to the preferred spot.



Adding/Removing Columns from View in a Section

Select the Menu button to view column options. Select/Unselect the columns you would like to display in the section.


Moving Around Columns in a Section

To move a column, grab the desired column and drag it to the preferred spot.

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