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How do I filter the source data when viewing a patient's medical record in MX Access?

With MX Access, you can choose to view a patient’s full longitudinal record or select the data source system of interest, such as a specific facility/organization. To choose the specific sources to be included in the patient’s record, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to MX Access. On the Patient Search screen, you will have the option to search for a patient by their name or MRN.

Note: You must enter a minimum of the patient’s First Name (at least 2 characters) AND the patient’s Last Name (at least 2 characters), or the patient’s MRN AND Facility. If you choose to enter both the Patient’s Name and the MRN/Facility, the system will default to display the results based on the MRN/Facility.

2. Identify the patient of interest and click on the expand button next to the patient’s Identifiers to see a list of all data sources.

Note: The name next to the expand button is the patient’s full longitudinal record. After clicking on the expand button, records will be listed by data sources (Facility & MRN).

3. To choose the source(s) you want to view, select the checkbox(s) next to the Identifiers of interest and click View Selected Patient Records.

4. A summary of the patient's record will be presented on the screen. The summary will only show data that was sent from the source(s) selected on the previous screen.

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  • Jul 25 2018
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