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How do I review recent patient lab results in MX Access?

Reviewing a patient’s recent lab results from across California can be helpful in informing care decisions and helping reduce cost by avoiding repeated testing. A patient’s record can have many labs. The following steps help you focus on the most important labs for your patient’s care.

1. Once you have opened the patient’s record, locate the Lab Results section.

Note: In these screen shots, the user accounts have been configured so the first field is Reported Date/Time. Setting the Reported Date/Time field as the first field will make it easier to find the most recent and most relevant labs for your patient’s care. 

2. To learn how to configure a section, see article on How do I configure a section in MX Access?

3. For an expanded view of the labs section, click on the expand button in the upper right corner of the labs section to see all the fields in one view.


Searching within the Lab Results Section

Click the search button to search by observation name. In this example, we are interested in previous HbA1c lab tests, so we will search for “hbA1c”.

Labs that match your search term will display automatically.


Sorting within the Lab Results Section

To sort by date, press the Reported Date/Time field header. It will sort in Ascending/Descending order. Clicking it again will flip the order.

Alternatively, you can select the dropdown arrow on the Reported Date/Time header to Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. To see the most recent labs first, select Sort Descending.

Now you are ready to look at the lab results.

Labs that are abnormal will be highlighted in Red and the abnormal status will be displayed in the Abnormality field.

If there is an attached lab note, you will see a     next to the entry. Click on the note to open it.

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