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How do I find my patient's longitudinal health record with MX Access?

This process is designed to help you quickly find and utilize information from a patient's longitudinal health record across California. Records on the MX network are updated in real-time and cover the previous 2-5 years.


1) To find your patient, type in their last name and first name under the Search For Patient panel.


Note: Both the last name and first name are required to search.


 2) Click Search: Patients matching your search will be displayed. The product also comes equipped with a generous search engine that will return close matches.



3) If you need additional information to confirm that you have the correct patient, select the Home Icon  to view additional details, for example the patient's address.


4) Once you have confirmed that you correctly identified the patient, click the View button . You can choose to open the patient record in the same browser tab or click the New Screen button  to view the patient medical record in a new browser tab.

5) You can return to the search screen by clicking the Portal Home button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Troubleshooting: Are you seeing too many search results or seemingly incorrect matches?

Patient search is currently configured to be highly inclusive of possible matches. This means that when you search on the patient by first and last name, the closest matching patients will show up at the top of the list with additional matches appearing below.

Those additional matches may seem like incorrect search results. However, when you look closely you will see that the search will have matched instances where the last name matches the first name and where any part of the name matches the search criteria. You may even see instances where the name corresponds to a street or city name. MX is evaluating adjusting this behavior, but for the time being we have opted to provide a thorough set of results to ensure you can readily locate and make a direct match to the person you are looking for.


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