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How do I extract patient data from my Allscripts EHR?

You can extract patient information directly from your Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) system in order to receive notifications for these patients in MX Notify. To extract patient data from your Allscripts EHR system, follow these steps:

1) In Allscripts Professional, use the Reporting Module to generate lists.

2) Click Reports.

3) Set up a search for patients who have had an office visit in the past, but not prior to 18 months ago (the "ADD" patients).

4) Run that report.

5) Once that runs, export the results to a .CSV file and sort according to the date the patient was last seen.

6) Save the .CSV file to your computer's desktop (or somewhere where you can find it easily).

7) Locate the file on your computer and verify that the contents and format are correct.

You will have now successfully extracted your patients information from your EHR system. To get notifications in real-time whenever these patients have encounters, please submit your patient panel list via the MX SFTP site.

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  • Feb 22 2018
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