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How do I modify a user’s MX Access credentials?

As an administrator on MX Access, you are able to modify a user's credentials. You can grant users access to MX Access, change their role(s) and change their username/password.


From the Home Page navigate to the “Master Organization Directory”.


First locate the user you would like to modify. You can locate the user by searching for the user in the top search box.


 Alternatively, you can click on the user icon   next to your organization in the “Organization List” to view the users within your organization.


Once you find the user you would like to modify, select “View”.



To give the person credentials, scroll down the page to “User Details” and click on the drop-down to expand the "User Details" section.


Under "User Details" you can modify the following:

  1. User Name-Change the person’s username
  2. Active Status- Select ‘Active’ if the user is to be made active now. Leave unchecked if user should not have access immediately
  3. Password- Create a temporary password. The user is forced to create a new password at first login
  4. Role(s)-Add role by selecting “Add Role”. Select the role(s) the user should have


After you have modified the appropriate credentials, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

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