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How do I add a user to my organization in MX Access?

MX Access users can be added individually or through a bulk load. This article will show you how to add one user at a time. To learn how to add several users at a time, see How do I bulk load users to my organization?


From the Home Page navigate to the “Master Organization Directory”.


Click “New Person”


 A "New Person" form will appear 



Complete the user information fields. These fields include:

  1. First Name
  2. Middle Name, if available
  3. Last Name
  4. Suffix
  5. Title
  6. Alias, if available (i.e. Nicknames, common name versus formal name, like Bill versus William)
  7. Work Phone Number
  8. Work Email Address
  9. Organization
  10. NPI, if appropriate - An NPI search feature is available here
  11. Job Category 
  12. Change Notes - Document any changes made to the user account
  13. Specialties – Begin typing to see a drop-down of specialty acronyms
  14. Additional Information – free text fields for capturing miscellaneous information as defined by your HIE


Click “Save Changes” when you have filled out all the fields.


Note: The fields “Created by” and “Last Modified Date” will populate after the save has occurred

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