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How do I use the MX Access Action List?

The MX Access Action List provides you with real-time information on your patients who have been recently admitted, discharged or transferred. The Action List is found at the bottom of the patient search screen.



The Action List will display a list of your patients who have had a recent outpatient, inpatient, or emergency visit during the time period specified by the user. 


To generate an Action List, customize the following fields according to your needs:


  1. Days from discharge- 0 Days, 1 Day, 1-7 Days or 1-30 Days.
  2. Visit Type- Outpatient, inpatient, emergency or all
  3. Facility Type-Rehab, hospital or all.


Note: Organization is not adjustable and is set to the organization you are logged in under. Therefore, the Action List will generate a list of patients who are "inside your circle of care". To learn more about "circle of care" see the article on What is the "Inside/Outside Circle of Care" option in the MX Access search screen?


Next, click “Search”. Search results will display based on your query.





For each field, you can filter by a specific search term in the search box below each field header. For example, under PCP, you can filter by your name to narrow the list to only your patients. 




If you would like to make the most of your Action List, check out MX Notify. MX Notify is a real-time notification system that alerts you when one of your patients has had a hospital or ED encounter and helps you manage post-acute care follow-up and care coordination. MX Notify supports follow-up workflows so none of your patients fall through the cracks.

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