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How do I change the status of a notification in MX Notify?

It’s easy to update a patient notification to reflect their progress. These updates are only visible to the other patient panel users on your shared MX Notify account. Changing the status of a notification helps your care managers proactively track the progress of a patient's follow-up status.

1) To change the status of notifications, look for the three buttons located at the top right of each notification summary. Each circle represents a different status:

  • The open circle  indicates no actions have yet been taken on the notification.
  • Click on the half-filled circle  to indicate that communication efforts are in progress, such as having called and left a voicemail for a patient.
  • Click on the filled circle  to indicate the completion of the follow-up efforts.



2) There are also three different tabs located above your notification list, each corresponding to the appropriate notification status.

  • The first tab titled All groups all notifications in one place, regardless of their status. Changing the status by clicking on the circular buttons will move each notification to its appropriate tab, allowing users to filter notifications based on their status. For example, click on the half-filled circle  in a notification summary to move the notification to the In Progress tab.
  • Click on the In Progress tab to see all the other notifications with the same status.
  • Click on the Completed tab to see all the other notifications with the same status.


3) When a user changes the status of any notification, the activity is automatically recorded in the Status Log located below the Most Recent Event section. All users within your organizations who have access to Notify will see the same status log.

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  • Jan 26 2018
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