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How do I search for my patient’s encounter notifications with MX Notify?

MX Notify keeps a searchable record of your patient's hospitalization and discharge notifications for easy reference. These records go back to the time when you first created your patient panel. Encounters will start to accumulate in the portal beginning on that date, but not before.

1) Start your search by logging in and by entering at least one of the following criteria into the search field:

  • First name - Minimum first letter required

  • Last name - Minimum first letter required

  • MRN - The entire number must be entered. This needs to be the MRN provided in your patient panel and NOT the one provided by the facility where the encounter took place. The MRN provided in your patient panel will be displayed in the parentheses after the patient's name. Note: If you prefer to search for the MRN of the source facility (i.e., where the event took place), use the Add Filter drop-down and apply the filter for Source MRN.

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  • Jan 25 2018
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