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Re-Design the UUX Overlay App

Issue: The application is currently limited to a 5,000 record view. Meaning, you are only able to view the first 5,000 overlays in the overlay app. If I need to find a patient and its hypothetically speaking, record 6,000. My team needs to work 1,000 overlays before we get to view that 6,000 record.

Request: Functionality of the overlay app is very limited. Below are just a few requests that I believe would make the app easier and better to use.
1. Ability to view all overlays from 1 day in multiple pages. Add a "Next" page option so that we can view other overlays that are above the current 5,000 limit view.
2. Ability to search should not be tied to the current page view (5,000). We should be able to perform an MRN search across all overlays for the day.
- The hamburger icon in the overlay app does give us the ability to search a specific day. This is somewhat helpful, but if someone doesn't know when the overlay actually occurred, searching for the overlay day by day would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
3. Overall search function on the app (not the hamburger icon) should allows to search for any overlay regardless of when it happened.
4. Overlay app should not be sitting on accessbulk. Especially with the amount of data we are storing in there. I think this should be moved to its own instance to handle the amount of overlays we have. This I believe would help with the current limitations called out. That's my thought and not 100% sure on this.

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  • May 11 2022
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